Everyone wants a clean home.  So we’ve put together a list of the top 5 cleaning supplies you should have in your house.  These useful products and tools that will help you to keep your home squeaky clean!


Germs and bacteria settle on kitchen surfaces, door handles and other high-touch surfaces.  Simple household bleach does a fantastic job of getting rid of germs. It also helps remove tough stains and whiten’s surfaces. When used with your regular cleaning products or just with some water, bleach will help remove mould, grime, and grout that can build up in your showers or in between the tiles.

Multi-purpose cleaner / Dishwashing liquid

A good multi-purpose cleaner will make cleaning your house a lot simpler. As the name implies the product can be used on multiple surfaces. This can be anything from floors to tabletops. Dishwashing liquid is not only good for washing dishes. It is also a multipurpose cleaner in itself. It’s good for removing dirt around the sink, in-between appliances and on shower tiles.

White vinegar

White vinegar is a natural cleaning agent to have in your house. This is because it can cut through the dirt like limescale and scum. It’s also incredibly efficient when cleaning glass and polishing wooden surfaces, giving a natural streak-free shine.

Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths reduce your cleaning time considerably. They are reusable and incredibly absorbent, picking up everything from dirt to liquids. You can use these on any surface from floors to windows.


Believe it or not but the humble toothbrush is an essential household cleaning tool. It is great for tasks such as removing grout and grime anywhere in the house. This is especially helpful in all those hard to reach places like the small nooks and crannies in your oven.