Keep your kitchen fresh & hygienically clean by giving it a  thorough clean every 2nd month.

We will guide you through how to deep clean your kitchen in 5 easy steps!

The kitchen is a high traffic area, often with spills and splashes and the heat and steam from cooking causes build up of grease, grime and dirt over time, which needs a bit more effort to remove.

It can seem like a mammoth task to give your kitchen a thorough scrub-down, but it is  important if you want to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. The more regularly you do it, the less build up grease and grime, and the easier your task will become.

So lets get right to it!

Tackling a kitchen deep clean is a breeze when youv’e planned how you’re going to clean and you’re using  the right products.

Nu-Chem’s kitchen cleaning products  are specially designed to tackle dirt, grease and grime.

Step 1:  What to do before you start

Make sure you have the basic tools and supplies supplies, such as microfibre cloths, scourers,  sponges, broom, mop, bucket, paper towels, and a good pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. Your go-to Nu-chem kitchen cleaning products for a deep clean are:

  • QAC Disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner
  • Ammoniated general cleaner
  • Domesty
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Funiture polish

Step 2: Do the dishes

Wash any dishes, pots and pans first, so you you havea clutter-free kitchen. Now you’re ready to start your deep clean!

Step 3: Deep Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards and Surfaces

Clean inside the cupboards. First, unpack all the contents of your cupboards and drawers. Wipe down with QAC disinfectant spray and a microfibre cloth.

Scrub and wipe down your kitchen cupboards and shelves.

For wooden cupboard doors, use furniture polish liquid, after wiping down, to ensure a polished, streak free finish.

Give handles back their shine. If your cupboard handles are greasy and grimy, remove them and soak in a sink of hot soapy water. Scrub off the dirt and grime, wipe dry and polishonce dry, to get them shining like new!

Pack all your contents back in the cupboards. Then spray all counters and tiles with surface cleaner and wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Clean your Oven. Remove all racks ande shelves, and apply Nu-chem Oven cleaner to inside and outside the oven. Remember to wear gloves and keep the kitchen well ventilated.

Remove the hob plates and spray them with cleaner, too. Leave for at least 30 minutes.

Clean the top and insides of the cooker with a non-scratch scourer. Rinse the sponge and wipe the oven down with clean water.

Scrub and rinse the hob plates and all racks and shelves in the sink.

Clean your fridge. Unplug the fridge and remove the contents from the fridge and freezer compartment. Discard any moldy or spoiled food and keep perishables cold in a cooler box while you clean the fridge.ut any shelving and leave it to soak in soapy water in the sink.

Wipe down fridge walls with QAC Disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner, using a microfibre cloth.

Clean your microwave. Remove the glass rotating plate and base and  wash them separately in the sink. Wipe down the inside of the the microwave  with QAC Disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner, using a microfibre cloth or non-scratch scourer.

Step 5: Scrub the sink.

Try to leave this job until after you’ve completed the rest of the kitchen. Then, fill it with hot water and Domesty. Leave for a few minutes before draining and wiping with a microfibre cloth or a non-scratch scourer.

Finally clean the floor. Sweep or vacuum the floors and fill a bucket with a diluted solution of a Nu-Chem Floor Cleaner. Mop the floor thoroughly and leave to dry.

Well done! Your kitchen deep clean is done and you have a fresh sparkling, hygienic kitchen!